Chuck DeVore sinks to a new low in his latest attack on Carly Fiorina

Chuck DeVore is a chauvinist pig

Chuck DeVore dials up a low blow attack on his female opponent

Can Chuck DeVore sink any lower?  Now he is actually trying to allege that his Republican opponent for the U.S. Senate, Carly Fiorina, is faking that she is ill. 

Fiorina did not attend the recent California Republican Party convention, which for God only knows what reason was held in Indian Wells.  Fiorina is undergoing radiation treatment for cancer and could not travel all the way to Indian Wells without screwing up her treatment schedule.

But DeVore told The Fresno Bee that he finds “it curious that her campaign said she was unable to make the convention for health reasons, and yet, … she was engaged in what appears to be a pretty standard, strenuous campaign day yesterday – the day after the convention.”

Fiorina appeared at an agricultural event in Fresno, which is not that far from where she receives her treatments.  I guess DeVore has no clue about California geography – which is pathetic given that he wants to represent the state in the U.S. Senate.

“As for Fiorina’s participation in Fortune’s summit, the suggestion that she is cherry-picking her appearances to deliberately avoid Republicans is asinine,” writes blogger James Richardson over at the Red State blog.

Richardson explained that Fiorina and fellow cancer survivor Elizabeth Edwards “spoke on behalf of “Stand up to Cancer,” a star-studded campaign to fund cancer research, both of whom were unable to attend in-person due to treatment regimen.”

California Republicans have been losing women voters for years.  This latest desplay of churlishness on the part of DeVore isn’t going to help.  But nominating Fiorina would in fact do a lot to help bring women back to the GOP.  Shame on DeVore for being such a chauvinist, insentitive lout!

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