Barack Hussein Obama’s message to our school children, decoded




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Fellow patriots, were you moved to tears as I was on Monday (Labor Day) by the sight of that sobbing blonde mother on CNN, unable to articulate exactly what was so troubling to her about her son being “exposed to politics” at school?  I knew exactly how she felt – there was something outrageous and insidious about subjecting a captive audience of impressionable schoolchildren to a politician like Obama, but it was hard to explain to the liberal mainstream media, and we were easy targets for ridicule.

Now, after three sleepless days and nights studying the video and audio of Obama’s “message,” I can report that not only were our suspicions as well-founded as usual, but it was even worse than we feared.  This foreign-born “President” and his handlers have crafted and delivered a masterful death-blow to all things good Americans hold dear, and lodged it firmly in the hearts and minds of our vulnerable youth.  But it flew right past us adults, as its substance was delivered in subliminal messages, code words and “dog whistles,” detectable only to a generation conversant in Harry Potter novels and Hannah Montana songs, doubtless with the assistance of the precocious and sinister Sasha and Malia.

In future posts, I’ll document how the Community-Organizer-in-Chief:

  1. persuaded his hostages to (in his words) “quit on [their] country” by demolishing their faith in American Exceptionalism, unrestricted Free-Market Capitalism, and the God-given rule of might-makes-right;
  2. rebuilt their shattered consciousness’ on a foundation of socialist collectivism, moral relativism, anti-white racism, and unquestioned allegiance to Himself; and
  3. laid the groundwork for a Youth Army of spies trained to inform on their parents for such sins as supporting gun rights or resisting health care.

For now, I’ll just point out a couple of the more obvious and egregious examples, but bear in mind this is just the tip of the iceberg.

One of the most shameless bits of anti-Americanism was this:  “You’ll need knowledge and problem-solving skills in math and science, to help develop new energy technologies and protect our environment.”  Remember, just as the word “empathy” has been shown to be a code word for socialism and reverse racism, so the words “science” and “math” should be understood as thinly-veiled secular-humanist assaults on the fundamentalist Christianity our nation was founded on.  Any kindergartener with a pulse recognized that with Obama’s pimping for math and shilling for science he was really taking sides for Evolution and against Creationism.  Similarly, this gratuitous mention of energy and the “environment” was a blatant attempt to enlist first-grade support for his communistic Cap-and-Trade policies.  Is it never too early to begin brainwashing young minds into the myth of Global Warming, which has been memorably dubbed “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind?” Have you no sense of decency, Mr. “President,” at long last??

And how about this choice excerpt:  “I know sometimes you get the impression … that your ticket [to success] is rap, or basketball …”  I ask you, what is an innocent, angelic, oppressed Caucasian child (the child of real, hardworking Americans, white Americans) supposed to think when the black “President” makes the assumption they may have an interest in basketball or rap?  Well, we don’t have to guess what they’re supposed to think:  I’ve located a subliminal frame in the video that flashes for a mere millisecond, when Obama pronounced the “p” of “rap.”  At that moment you can clearly see, in bold capitals, the message “THE WHITE RACE IS INFERIOR.  GIVE UP.”  (The Administration’s clever technicians have somehow made it impossible to freeze on precisely that frame, but if you watch that passage over and over as I did, you can’t miss it.   It is unmistakable.)

Here I must share something tragic and personal:  My own 12-year-old daughter Mitzi was subjected to the video at her school.  (Mea culpa – a power struggle at my Pro-Life Militia had left me so upset and pre-occupied that I neglected to pull Mitzi out of the captive audience.)  And this morning when I tried to share my findings with her, she was all,  “Jeez, Dad, why do you always have to be so WEIRD?  He’s the President for Christ’s sake!  And he didn’t say anything about politics.”  I stood there speechless and helpless.  My own flesh and blood, a Kool-Aid drinker!  And this time I had no one to blame but myself.

Fellow patriots, it really is that bad.  The America we once knew and loved is dead and gone.  Yes, it’s essential that we all begin home-schooling our kids, but that’s not nearly enough.  It’s time to retreat to remote rural outposts, far from the FEMA camps and black helicopters, where we can safeguard our values and stockpile arms and methamphetamine as the Founding Fathers intended. To keep our stock pure from undesirable blood, I also propose we abandon the anachronistic strictures against incest, polygamy, and statutory rape. Yes, fellow patriots, it is high time for us to “water the Tree of Liberty.”

Glenn Beck, Sept. 11, 2009

Glenn Beck is Crazy

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