Astronaut Jose Hernandez speaks out for immigration reform

Astro Jose Hernandez

The bravest astronaut ever – Astro Jose Hernandez

What a great story!  NASA astronaut Jose Hernandez didn’t speak English until he was 12.  But his family settled in Stockton and he excelled at math.  Today he is floating in the International Space Station and millions of Mexicans are following him on Twitter, where he posts as “Astro Jose.”

Hernandez was in the news this week for saying that we need immigration reform – and that we need to help our 12 million immigrants to become citizens.  As one might imagine, NASA officials had a cow.  But he is right!

Hernandez said that when he looked down on our globe from outer space there were no borders.  How poetic – and true.

Hernandez told the L.A. Times, “I work for the U.S. government, but as an individual I have a right to my personal opinions.  Having 12 million undocumented people here means there’s something wrong with the system, and the system needs to be fixed.”

Gracias Astro Jose for being a great role model and for having the huevos to tell it like it is…  This man is proof positive that Latino immigrants can do anything that other Americans can do.  Sorry haters!  You are wrong about immigrants again.

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