Trannie Truong “Tyler” “Tomahawk” Diep bullied the Westminster Police

Audio of Truong “Tyler” Diep calling the Westminster Police, Courtesy of the O.C. Register

“Councilman Tyler Diep told police officers to stop conducting routine business inspections at Citryst Restaurant in February, about 55 days after he took office as a City Council member, according to audio recordings and internal memos obtained by The Orange County Register.”

Westminster police officers reported that an angry Diep stormed into the watch commander’s office after midnight Feb. 7 to complain that officers were at the popular Little Saigon watering hole. Diep told the lieutenant on duty that he did not want the officers going to Citryst and that he was upset because of that, according to police memos.

Oh boy.  I would imagine that Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen provided this information to the Orange County Register, through one of her Jannies.  It is potentially career-threatening to Diep, who works for Assemblyman Van Tran.

Diep is the latest “Trannie” to fall, after the infamous DUI of his fellow Westminster Councilman, Andy Quach.

Diep is also thought to be the Red County blogger “Tomahawk.”  Three former Red County bloggers are under criminal investigation in San Bernardino.

Diep’s boss, Van Tran, was almost arrested the night that Quach was busted for an alleged DUI.

Mayor Margie Rice said she believes Diep’s incident with police is symptomatic of a culture clash in Westminster that has risen to the level of high drama in recent months. Some newly elected city officials such as Diep do not properly understand the difference between politics and governance, she said. And in Little Saigon, she said, favoritism, intimidation and even corruption are not as frowned upon as they may be in mainstream American society.

“We have to treat all businesses normally,” Rice said. “If a city council member is not being fair about the way they act and administer, that’s a reason for all of us to be scared.”

Rice is onto something.  These Trannies are acting like thugs.  But the scary thing is that once they are all gone, Janet Nguyen will run her own people for those seats.  We will be stuck with the Jannies – and they are no better than the Trannies.  Just look at the behavior of her own husband, Tom Bonikowski-Nguyen, and her Chief of Staff, Andrew Do, who own a restaurant that has received over forty Orange County Health violations!

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