Jerbal shills again over at Red Klownty, this time for Norby and Lewis


Jerbal will shill for a few shekels

Alas poor Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham.  He has devolved into nothing more than a paid shill for his candidates.

Remember that huge scandal last week when Supervisor Chris Norby’s lame campaign staff sent an email plea for funds to a number of County workers, with regard to his campaign for Clerk-Recorder?  Here is how Jerbal reported it over at the Red Klownty blog:

There was a tempest-in-a-teapot last week over the fact that some of the 3,000 or so e-mails sent out by Supervisor Chris Norby’s OC Clerk-Recorder campaign — touting his fundraising and asking for a donation — went to a few county employees.

Some in the fringe-o-sphere went so far as to claim those employees would be intimidated into donating, out of fear that failure to give would land them on any upcoming layoff list, which is absurd.

Absurd?  I had calls from terrified County workers who were also quite angry to have been on Norby’s email list – without permission.  Trust me, he crossed the line.  That he will likely get away with it is testament to our lame Republican District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, who campaigned on a promise of NOT investigating crooked politicians.

Norby has ZERO experience in the Clerk-Recorder’s office, with the notable exception of having had to go there to get FOUR marriage licenses.

His opponent, Hugh Nguyen, worked there for 12 years – and is currently the Assistant to the County Clerk.

Why is Jerbal shilling for Norby?  Because Norby’s consultant is John Lewis – and Jerbal always does as Lewis bids him too.

How revolting.

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