How much do liberal astroturfers get paid?

With all the garbage out there about Town Halls and protests and who is “real” and who is not, I thought it important to take a moment to remind ourselves what special interest groups are funded by taxpayer dollars, pay salaries and exist solely because they are getting money in the first place. Without the flow of cash, they wouldn’t be able to buy themselves a protest on a street corner, let alone gin up one “crisis” after another.

Its important also to realize the hatred and lies delivered by state run media organs like MSNBC about American citizens, which is how it all gets started in the first place. Attack the narrative and they have no choice. They cannot respond with fact. It has to be fourth grade witticisms or condescencion. What they leave out can tell you just as much about what is really going on as what they lie about. I can’t embed the video, but you can watch the truth here about who’s bringing violence to Town Hall meetings, the face of the “white hater” coming to lynch the President of color and carrying a firearm, (By the way, having lived in New Hampshire, they have a very different attitude about freedom there than even a California Libertarian seems to understand, and that event was not even close to controversial) and an excellent study on Critical Theory and Political Correctness.

I can’t stress the power of this information enough the next time you discuss events with a liberal. And don’t forget my two important rules. First, remind yourself that they do not deserve the benefit of good intentions, and second, be kind for they know not what they say.

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