Can State Senator Lou Correa defeat Supervisor Janet Nguyen?

Janet versus Lou

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As we conclude “Jannies Exposed” week we must ask the question – can State Senator Lou Correa defeat Republican Supervisor Janet Nguyen if she decides to run against him next year?

Correa barely won three years ago against Lynn Daucher.  Nguyen would be far more formidable particularly since she will be running along with a slew of other Viet candidates, including Van Tran and Quang Pham for the 47th Congressional District; Hugh Nguyen for Clerk-Recorder; Long Pham for the 68th Assembly District, and several local candidates as well.

For Nguyen this would be a free pass as she has two more years left in her first Supervisorial term. 

Is Berardino a Jannie

Is OCEA boss Nick Berardino a Jannie?

But Correa was the one who helped Nguyen when she was trying to raise money for her recount against Trannie Trung Nguyen.  Will she now stab Correa in the back after he was able to convince local labor leaders to pay for Nguyen’s recount?  I think so.  It is in her character to be a back-stabber.

What about Nick Berardino, the head of the Orange County Employees Association?  His lap-dog, Chris Prevatt, has been shilling for Janet 24/7 over at the Liberal OC blog.  Prevatt has been a critic of Correa in the past, and he is most certainly a Jannie.  Will Prevatt and Berardino move against Correa and support the Republican, Nguyen?

What about the other Jannies?  Will they stand with Lou or go with Janet?  Can the DPOC trust any of them?  I truly doubt it.

I will do everything I can to help Correa get reelected – but if the members of his own party cannot be trusted to help him, then his reelection campaign may well be doomed…

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