Busted! Obama as Hitler was Democrat/Union plant

Its not hard to believe that Democrats would resort to trying to change the subject, with the ObamaCare Scheme slipping out of their fingers. After all, it was Pelosi and the Democrats who first started screaming swastikas and un-American! This is the only way they can get any traction. Talk about ANYTHING else.

The man identified in numerous photos holding up the Obama sign (see the photo on next page) is an african american, later identified to be handing out Dingell pamphlets on the ObamaCare Scheme. Hows that for cojones? Just stand outside long enough for the state run media to get their photo op, then back to the propaganda. I expect nothing less from the liberal authority.

obama plant

Pretty likely that the same mad bunch of Union thugs is responsible for this defacement too.

Swastika Health care

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