Birthers of a nation!

Has anyone seen the Kenyan Birth Certificate yet?  Released by an unknown source fearful for their life?  Hmmm, is this the same group of Nigerian people trying to give away millions and millions of dollars on the internet?  This is going to be another fun episode in American History.  We love conspiracy theories….each and every one.  We know that Lee Harvey Oswald did not work alone.  He had a Russian wife and worked for a “Free Cuba” group!  We have seen the “Grassy Knoll” and we know that the 10 conspiracy films we have seen including JFK…we fully believe!  We know that the FBI really killed Martin Luther King…because “someone” mentioned it in passing.  We know that Sirhan Sirhan was an Iranian/Palestinian….guy that didn’t kill Robert Kennedy, because one of the FBI or Secret Service protection staff – did it!  Why, because we heard that through the grapevine.

OK, what is all this conjecture about President Obama again?  Oh, he was really born in Zimbabwe, Zaire, Ghana, Libya or Kenya.  You pick.  The main reason is: He is black!  Didn’t all black people come from Africa, were born in Africa and are still actually slaves?  This group of “Birthers” is too much.  What about Abraham Lincoln?  Some Presidents were supposed to be born in Log Cabins!  Were they really born in Log Cabins….or were they born on ships coming to America?  Who was the doctor?  Who saw Mr. Lincoln born?  What county was he really born in?  We may never know!

The real reason for the Government Bail Outs is that the President read a lot of info on the internet on how to get free cash from certain Africa politicians and bureaucrats.  Hey, you think those people can be paid off?  Nah, that would be just another Conspiracy Theory!

Just need to see one document to put this little conspiracy theory to rest:

We want to see the Mom’s Passport.  Finding the Mom’s location on August 4th, 1961 will probably be undeniable evidence of the birthplace of President Obama.  In lieu of that, we need to see the State Department records for 1961 and find if Mrs. Obama was truly in Kenya!  Without the Passport records…….take a hike Birther folks!

In the meantime, Happy Birthday President Obama……

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