Are you ready for a New Santa Ana?

New Santa Ana

This blog has been a huge success, by any measure, but I have been wondering lately if Santa Ana needs a new blog to call its own.  The Orange Juice serves the entire County of Orange – so why not build a new blog that will serve Santa Ana specifically?

I have already bought the URLs – but I am going to take this new blog in an entirely new direction.  We are calling this new blog “New Santa Ana,” and it is NOT going to be a political blog.  It is going to be a place where everyone who has a stake in Santa Ana can come together to talk about POSITIVE changes and hope and making our city better for everyone.

New Santa Ana will be a place where local residents, businesspeople and non-profit organizations can talk about what is going on in town and about what we can do to take our city in a NEW direction.

This will take a few weeks to launch.  In the meantime I want to invite those of you who are Santa Ana stakeholders to think about what YOU are going to do to help build a New Santa Ana.

We will have a very simple ground rule.  NO attacks.  NO politics.  NO negativity.  New Santa Ana will be a place to come together and inspire each other.  It will be a blog where we can share our thoughts and our ideas.  It will NOT be anything like the Orange Juice blog.

Interested?  Click here and let me know.  New Santa Ana will be open to ANYONE with a stake in Santa Ana.  There will be name-calling and no fighting.  I will make this blog available to anyone who cares enough to want to change Santa Ana – even those of you I battle here at the Orange Juice.

Do you want to see a New Santa Ana?  This is your chance to make it happen.

Now I realize that some of you will question whether I am the right person to launch this new blog.  Well, that is a fair question.  I intend for this to be a collaborative effort – but launching a new blog is not for the faint of heart.  You need experience, vision and guts.  I have taken the Orange Juice blog to the top and I know I can do the same for New Santa Ana –  but not without making this a community project.

I will be reaching out to Santa Ana’s stakeholders over the next few weeks and we will make this happen.  Are you ready for a New Santa Ana?  Ready or not, here it comes…

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