Al Ramirez for US Senate. Who is Al Ramirez anyway?

We at the Orange Juice give candidates for elected office a chance to be heard. For that reason I am posting the following email from south county.
Republican Al Ramirez is running for US Senate to oppose Barbara Boxer

California is in a jam. Our leadership at the state and federal level has failed us in so many areas it is hard to number them. One of the worst of the problems is the mass exodus of jobs from the state. Al Ramirez is running for the US Senate from California and he is the only candidate that can beat Barbara Boxer in that race. Al is dedicated to winning and bringing back jobs to the great state of California.”

It has been my privilege to create Al’s first Internet ad through my company, Thomas Smith Productions. Please go to this link on You-Tube and view the ad. 




Tom Smith, Thomas Smith Productions

Gilbert note. The following content on Mr. Ramirez is from the Internet.

This post is NOT an endorsement of his candidacy either by myself or the Orange Juice blog family
Al Ramirez’

Al Ramirez is an American all the way. Both of his parents are Americans. In fact, his family history covers no less than 6 generations of American continental history. He is the great, great grandson of descendents of Spanish colonists who were migrating through what was then the Louisiana Territory.

Al Ramirez first started visiting LA in 1997. He established a residence in Santa Monica, CA in 2002. He is a veteran telecommunications sales professional who’s been active in a variety of technology networking groups delivering cutting edge solutions that helped revolutionize the Internet for businesses and consumers all across America. Al Ramirez is seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senator from California in the June 2010 primary elections. 

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