Yucking it up @ Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church

(Photo satire, courtesy of “The Secret Diary of Rick Warren”)

This month, Time Magazine has published an article about Rick Warren’s megachurch’s Saturday night Improv-style comedy shows for Christians.  In addition to saving souls, Rick Warren is hoping that his church will become a “hub for the arts” like the churches of old, according to his particular brand of history.   LINK       From the article,  ~~~Snip~~~

That said, Christian audiences will laugh at anything, since they are either so nice or so unaware of any entertainment other than Seventh Heaven. Puns proved to be a big hit, as was anything involving eating or pooping.

After we prayed about some burgers and then ate some burgers, a troupe member took me to the worship center to see the end of the sermon being given by Warren, who apparently was our warm-up act. He did not make me laugh once. Then as the full house of 160 took their seats in a small meeting room next to the church, we gathered to pray about our performance. Preshow praying, as most professional comedians will tell you, is not quite as confidence-building as shots of Cuervo.

 Well, two bucks will get you into see the show and you even get dessert according to the events calendar.

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