Why Sarah Palin resigned – and why she is done in politics

It turns out that Sarah Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska for a number of reasons.  For one thing, a federal indictment might be on the way.

When she was Mayor of Wasilla, she oversaw construction of a $12.5 million dollar sports complex.  It turns out that the guys who did the work on that project were all contributors of hers.  And her new house was built at the same time.  She says her husband built it, with friends.  But the materials look like those used at the sports complex.  Click here to read all the juicy details.

The Huffington Post has published an article by Geoffrey Dunn with a few more details of Palin’s unethical actions and complete lack of ability to get anything done as Governor of Alaska.  Here are a few excerpts:

In fact, her bizarre appointment for Attorney General, Wayne Anthony Ross, was rejected nearly unanimously by the state legislature — a first in Alaskan history.

Moreover, Palin was facing what would have been a hugely embarrassing veto override by the Alaska legislature at the beginning of the next session in January over her politically postured refusal to accept Federal stimulus funds. If this past legislative session was a setback for Palin, the upcoming session would have been an absolute public relations disaster — hardly the proper entree for her presidential campaign.

Some pundits have said that Palin’s resignation is out of character. Hardly. Don’t forget that she resigned from her last statewide office — that as chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Sarah Palin is a quitter. She fancies herself something else. But, in the end, she quit her position at AOGCC and she has now quit her governorship. That’s two-for-two at the statewide level. In Wasilla, there was nearly a recall launched against her as mayor. Trouble and turbulence have followed her everywhere.

Will Palin emerge later this year as a talking head or will she start to campaign for President?  That is hard to say.  I think she is finished.  And God only knows what else is coming out later.  There are even rumors that she has cheated on her husband over the years.  Can the GOP survive another adultery case?

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