When will Jerbal tell Red County’s readers about Campbell’s $700m wild horse bailout?

It’s a Jerbal Countdown!

When will Jerbal tell his Red County readers about John Campbell’s $700m bailout of illegal immigrant wild horses?


UPDATE: It has been over two weeks and Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham still has not told his readers that his boss, GOP Congressman John Campbell, voted to waste over $700 million on wild horses.  Will Jerbal ever come clean with his readers?

Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham is a paid twit for the Congressman John Campbell reelection campaign – and as the O.C. Register’s Steven Greenhut has previously divulged, Cunningham is given to openly shilling for his boy Campbell on his Red County blog.

Today, for example, Cunningham wrote a post extolling Campbell as a fiscal conservative for his stance on health care – but he still has not mentioned to his readers that Campbell voted on July 17, to spend $700 million on a bailout of illegal immigrant wild horses!

So we are starting another Jerbal Countdown! Let’s see how many days will pass before Jerbal tells his readers about Campbell’s latest bailout vote.  Don’t hold your breath!

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