The Red County Republicans are today’s imperialist redcoats

What if the patriots had lost to King George’s forces – and we were still a British commonwealth in the modern era?  What if we has a revolution now?  Who would the new patriots be?

The Red County Republicans love to pretend they are patriots.  They celebrate Flat Day as if it were their birthday.  They wear flag pins and question the Americanism of their opponents.  But are they truly patriots?  Most of them are chickenhawks.  While young men and women die in droves in Iraq, the Red County Republicans only exert themselves on their private tennis and racquetball courts.

No question about it.  The Red County Republicans would be Tories.  They would side with the redcoats.  They would ally with the crown and chase down the patriots and try to kill them.

The Revolution began in part because of the notorious Tea Tax.  Sure enough, it was Republican legislators who passed the last horrid state budget, raising our taxes in the process.  And Red County ignored the first Tax Revolt protest in Fullerton – while defending Anthony Adams, which brought the ire of John and Ken down on their red faces.

Consider the animosity the Red County Republicans have for freedom-loving Libertarians.  They hate us!  And these odious Republicans are Imperialists – Red County publisher Chip Hanlon wants our military to “represent U.S. interests overseas.”  They celebrate the botched invasion of Iraq.  Even now they pine to bomb Iran.

Consider that “King George III’s long reign was marked by a series of military conflicts involving his kingdoms, much of the rest of Europe, and places further afield in Africa, the Americas and Asia,” according to Wikipedia.  Hmmm…sounds like the Red County Republicans, doesn’t it?

“George was deeply devout and spent hours in prayer, but his piety was not shared by his brothers. George was appalled by what he saw as their loose morals.”  Just like the Red County Republicans!  Why these people are so concerned with what goes on in other people’s bedrooms is beyond me.

Fittingly, “By the end of 1811, George III had become permanently insane and lived in seclusion at Windsor Castle until his death.”  So too the Red County Republicans have become raving mad, attacking immigrants, gays and anyone who thinks differently from them.  They continue to cling to closed primaries, chasing away independents and Libertarians.

The patriots embraced the defeated Tory mercenaries after the war.  They allowed these foreign troops to settle in amongst the U.S. citizens.  Today the Republicans hate on Latinos while ignoring the fact that thousands of Latinos serve in our military – and many have died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Republicans have no more power in Sacramento, and yet Mimi Walters last year spent a million dollars getting elected to the State Senate.  God only knows what she intends to accomplish in Sacramento.

Were we to live the American Revolution today there can be little doubt that the arrogant, pompous, Red County Republicans would work for the crown – and they would oppose the voices of freedom.  They would of course have their heads handed to them!

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