“Red County” Republicans vs. Greenhut

Art wrote about it earlier, but here’s my take on “Red County” Republicans vs. Greenhut; there’s a lot more invective after you click on the “Read more” at the end…

Nowadays we shouldn’t expect much from Republicans but amusement. At least they’re not running the central government, still ruining everything, having left that task to Democrats.

A post on the Red County blog doesn’t disappoint. It’s by Chip Hanlon, a local GOP activist. “Red County” gets its name because in the 2004 election Orange County had the biggest margin of victory for the Republican candidate for president, although it didn’t in 2008.

Chip critiques a column over the Independence Day weekend by Steven Greenhut, my former O.C. Register colleague, “Declarations on Independence,” about how America isn’t exactly the land of the free the Founders fought and died for way back in 1776. Greenhut’s subhead: “Try to relax and enjoy the holiday devoted to America’s revolt against oppression, at least as much as the government lets you enjoy it.”

Greenhut’s responses are here and here.

Hanlon writes:

Here, Greenhut shows how, like many Libertarians, he has become a prisoner of his own supposed philosophy.

Why “supposed philosophy”? Anyone who has read Greenhut’s articles over the years knows that, agree or disagree with it, he has an actual philosophy that’s well thought out.

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