Palin in Comparison!

Sometimes you think that political stupidity has hit the wall….that it just couldn’t get any dumb or dumber than the latest gaff!  Mark Sanford was one of those political weenies…..that seemingly was doing a reading audition for a role on “Days of Our Lives!”  The good Governor of South Carolina bumbled, stumbled, twisted and fell on his own sword all within a span of 18 minutes on the National Press stage.  Sanford had been missing for 5 to 7 days AWOL.  He could have been kinder to himself and the public and just done his bit at a National Press Club luncheon.  Sanford could have stood up there for over an hour and redundantly recant his various missteps on that old Applachian Trial…..via Buenos Aires on his fingertips.

That was really dumb….and it is even dumber that he has not yet to step down and out as the Governor of South Carolina.  So up steps Sarah Palin….who no doubt has been very bummed that she hasn’t been center stage because of the deaths of Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson!  Sarah, as you might remember is a first term Governor of Alaska…which is a State as you also know.  Sarah has served two and half years and spent about six months of that in Alaska……between her run for Vice President and all her talk show tours and appearances.

Shockingly, in the spirit of Mark Sanford…(must be something they put in the water for Governors!)….Sarah, stumbled, bumbled and twisted logic away stated she will be leaving at the end of this month as Governor, because “there are forces out there…trying to hold people back”!  Whoa….we better tell Arnold to watch what they are putting in his water supply as well.  This could turn out to be a complete epidemic!

The Sarah Palin Chronicles however really take the cake.  “It’s all about Trig!”, or Britney, Levi, Willow or the husband Todd or the mother in law or was it maybe David Letterman or the guy that takes the Gas Meter readings!  We are confused.  But the good news is…..we don’t have to live her life – she does!   At any rate, we will be looking into the series of contentious issues that will be following the  Ex-Governor around.   What charges is she dodging now?  What charges will be forthcoming?  Or did the Governor just have an ego meltdown because she wasn’t the national center of attention?  Is her real desire to be a standing cast member on “The View”?  One thing certain is:  By Comparison……Sarah is making Governor Mark Sanford start to look more like Larry Craig……..without the toilet paper on his shoe!  Good grief….it is just another “Liberal Press Conspiracy”?  Sarah better talk to Hillary about that!

Why do you think the Governor of Alaska has suddenly decided to resign?  Why do think she just didn’t say:  “I want to spend more time with my family!” and walk off the stage!

We are desperate enough to want Senator George Allen back… know “Mr. Machaca…” at least made Republicans look like they had a pair!   Good Grief, may the last Republican turn out the lights when they leave!  Happy Fourth of July!

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