Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham gets blown up!

Poor Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham.  He takes himself ever so seriously but time and time again he just can’t help looking like a weenie when folks write about him and he inevitably overreacts.

In the latest such example our pals over at the Friends for Fullerton’s Future blog put up a post by Joe Sipowicz that considered whether or not Jerbal had something to do with Anaheim Councilwoman Lorri Galloway’s decision to run for the 4th Supervisorial District, against Jerbal’s pick, Democrat Tom Daly.

It seems that Galloway worked with Jerbal on an ill-fated housing project in Anaheim.  And the theory is that she was recruited by Jerbal into this race with the express purpose of convincing Anaheim Councilman Harry Sidhu, who is a Republican, to drop out of the race.  Galloway would follow suit a few weeks later allowing Daly to lay claim to the Anaheim vote.

That is certainly a reasonable theory, no?  But Jerbal completely lost it.  Here are just a few of his crazy responses:

  • So, if a pack of schoolyard bullies spread lies about a classmate and their target refuses to respond, then the lies are true?  Because that is precisely the situation we have here – with you, Joe and the rest in the bullies role.
  • The burden is not on me to refute Joe’s ignorant accusations, it is on him to prove them.
  • But if you are unable to see in my descriptions of Joe’s assertions the “simple denial” you are looking for, that is a reflection on your reading comprehension.
  • Bushala, on my site, this kind of trashy, rumor-mongering post would never have been posted.
  • You and your friends uncorked the personal attacks. Don’t whine when I respond in kind.
  • Can you be anymore insincere, Joe?  You’re like many other ankle-biting bloggers I’ve come across in the last several years: you’re brave that keyboard, but when your target unexpectedly invites you to question him directly about the allegations you’ve leveled, you head for the tall grass.
  • You and Travis and Harpoon have been invited to call me and fire away about your untrue allegations, but you’d rather stick with the lies you’ve posted about me.
  • I didn’t realize Joe was in the habit of posting and commenting about people he thinks don’t matter.  And we don’t need to pretend at Red County, unlike others in the OC blogosphere.

Of course Jerbal got torn to shreds by the FFFF commenters – my favorite sick burn of Jerbal was this one by “Red County Watcher:”

Matt Cunningham, can you point to a single issue in OC where your blog changed a public policy? If so please share it. This blog has already had a big impact – just look at the McDonalds issue, the uncovering of Redevelopment incompetence, the millions wasted on Union Pacific Park.

You and your bunch of sycophants do nothing but pretend; pretend that you’re relevant to anybody except each other as you slavinshly bend over for people like Mike Carona.

Also, that bit about your “pseudonym” was pure garbage, and you know it. You were hiding behind that lame name for the better part of three years and everybody knows it. So quit questioning other people’s courage.

Now we know what burnt Jerbal smells like!

If you want to smell some more burnt Jerbal go to this link and read Steven Greenhut’s latest post, where he reveals that Jerbal and his Red faced mafia are the REAL extremists, not the Libertarians!

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