Liberal OC bloggers defend Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham’s outing of molestation victims

Liberal OC + Red County = Republicrats!

It shouldn’t be too surprising that Congressman John Campbell actually hired a paid twit.  That’s right, according to Gustavo Arellano, over at the OC Weekly’s Navel Gazing Blog, Campbell is paying Red County’s Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham to write his twitter posts.

Gustavo Arellano found out about this while reading a Liberal OC post.  Apparently the Liberal OC’s Chris Prevatt was tweaked over something he read on the Campbell Twitter page so he asked his good buddy Jerbal to do something about it – only to have Jerbal admit that he was the twit who wrote the post.

Gustavo couldn’t help but make oblique mention to Jerbal’s low point, which was when he launched the infamous “Amigos of John Urell” website and supposedly inadvertently revealed the names of a number of victims of molestation by Urell’s priests.

The amazing part of this story was that Prevatt’s partner at the Liberal OC, Dan Chmielewski, said that “Matt’s apologized for this over and over again,”  and we should let it go.

Well, Gustavo would have none of that.  He replied to Dan thusly, “I find it strange that you’re so insistent sex-abuse survivors move on with Matt’s horrific action toward them. You bring up the escapades of Republicans again and again (as you should) even after they’ve apologized; why so sore when survivors go after Matt?”

Dan wants us to “give it a rest” when it comes to Jerbal – why is that?  Jerbal’s goal is to take out Dan’s Democratic buddies.  Why would Dan want to befriend him?  How stupid is that?  And why would Dan want to overlook the fact that Jerbal exposed those molestation victims to further humiliation?  Jerbal actually supported putting Urell on a County Commission!

Dan got in bed with Jerbal last year when they joined with Mike Schroeder and Judy Ware to attack my Council campaign.  I was endorsed by ECCO and Planned Parenthood, and by State Senator Lou Correa.  My opponent, Republican Carlos Bustamante, is most famed for making the “waterbra” remarks that ended up forcing his resignation from two state commissions.  Bustamante hates the working poor and is unfriendly to the people of Santa Ana – but Dan helped elect the jerk!

I never wanted to run in the first place.  I only did after the Democrats failed to field a candidate.  I simply could not let Bustamante get a free pass.  Never did I think that Democrats would spend money to help him by attacking me.

What a crazy world we live in here in Orange County, where Democratic bloggers help Republicans and defend GOP bloggers who out molestation victims.  No wonder the Liberal OC’s readership numbers are less than a third of ours now, whereas they used to trump us.  People know hacks when they see them…or when they read their blogs.

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