LA County MTA needs to be Drug Tested!

Robert Poole and the Reason Foundation is rejoicing today after the LA County MTA determined in their wisdom to create Congesting Pricing for solo drivers on the bumper to bumper 110 Harbor Freeway from the Artesia Transit Center to the 10 Freeway……also from near Union Station on the 10 Freeway to El Monte.  Did they do a study to see how much under utilization was occuring on this two legs of LA Freeway?

This is pure wine from the teaspoon and if it is allowed to stand…we can all look forward to ubiquitous “cash lanes” all over California “Coming Soon”.  The LA County MTA even had to compromise and say that the price per mile would be variable……and the cost dictated by the volume of traffic and use occupancy.  The great clowns from the Rand Corporation are the “think tank” behind:  “a method to relieve traffic congestion and raise revenues”!

This is the same plan by the way, that Michael Bloomberg of the great city of New York proposed and was summarily slapped down by the members of the New York State Legislature!  That’s how bad this proposal is!   

As we all know, the concept is basically to get that “command sensor” on your vehicle.  Once they have it on your vehicle……it becomes the electronic dog leash of the future.  Start up your car…..a simple software change, drive so many miles, another software change.  GPS your location, charge you use tax for the number of miles driven per month…and so it goes!

These people (the LA County MTA)  need to be Drug Tested.  They definitely seem to be have bought off on Big Brother and have no qualms about making the rest of us…… in a nightmare.  It is so bad that an extra car pool lane will be added in the areas utilizing the sensors.  How many years have they needed those lanes before the “great minds” put this plan together?

Finally, their concept is to keep these lanes as multi-use.  Meaning that as HOV lanes….people with two passenger or more and motorcycles will still be able to use the lane without paying.  How long does anyone think that great idea is going to stand up?  About six months, when they realized they are not making enough money from Lexus and Mercedes drivers.  Just think about the infrastructure that will be required.  We have it right here in Orange County.  Toll Roads suck……..the 73 for instance can’t even make a profit when they quadruple the toll rates.  This is an idea that should join the use of “Round-a-bouts” and driving on the left hand side of the road….as they do in England.  But of course there, if you don’t have car insurance your car is crushed.  You get written up for speeding, from the info on your sensor, you get tickets for red lights……from info on your sensor!

The LA County MTA needs to come on down to Orange County…have lunch with Supervisor Moorlach and let him tout the great benefits of Toll Roads.  In the meantime, we will be looking for their “Drug Test Results”.

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