Is Assistant Santa Ana City Manager Catherine Standiford on the way out?

UPDATE: My sources have confirmed that Standiford has quit.  Good riddance!  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

I am hearing rumors that Assistant Santa Ana City Manager Catherine Standiford is on the way out – she is, as the chisme goes, either resigning or getting the boot.

If true, that likely means she has lost her power struggle with Jill Arthur, who also assists Santa Ana City Manager Dave Ream.

So does this mean that Arthur is now the heir apparent to the doddering Ream?

Or is Standiford bailing before her reputation tanks as Santa Ana’s city budget collapses into a black hole?

And if true does this mean that poor Jill Arthur will now have to change all of Ream’s Depends instead of splitting the duty with Standiford?

I guess we will have to wait and see…I am awaiting confirmation from my city hall pajaritos.

UPDATE: I had a few calls and emails today indicating that Standiford did good work on the budget cuts this year.  Apparently she will be missed by many at City Hall.

Fiscal matters are her area of expertise so this is no surprise.  I was offended by one of her first actions when she arrived here – the ridiculous fines for barking dogs. Her M.O. at past jobs has been to raise money through such fees.

At any rate, I am now hearing that Cindy Nelson is on the fast track to replace Dave Ream, perhaps as soon as next year.  Apparently a great many department heads have quit so Standiford’s exit was not a surprise to many.  She got off a sinking ship.

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