“I vant to be alone!” – Sarah Palin says

Greta Garbo was a recluse.  She loved having affairs with important, powerful men, she loved being in movies, she loved acting, she loved the money and fame that goes with her successes.  What she really hated….was the press!  She would have hated the “paparotsy” and their native intrusions into her daily live, affairs and interests.  Seeing her without make-up would have been the end times for Greta Garbo.  Gloria Swanson might well have best portrayed her in “Sunset Boulevard”….  “I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille!”

Greta no doubt would have worn those rimless $700 non-prescription Sarah Palin glasses, made sure that even her camoflage pants were designer, been sure that her family…..never got the upper hand in her life.  So, “Welcome to Sarah’s story on StarSearch”!  Now that she has stepped down as Governor of Alaska will she be on “I’m a Celebrity – and I want out of here!”.  Perhaps, she will go on the reality show “Lost”!  Perhaps, she will co-host the Ellen DeGeneres show to appeal to those liberal voters out there?  Who knows?  Hey, maybe she will be making the announcement on a weekly basis of the latest California Lottery Winners!  Not that the current lady isn’t doing a fine bang up job…..but just think of the possible spike in ratings!

Greta Garbo was a very beautiful Swedish actress.  She lit up the Silver Screen and created a mystique that has lasted through the ages.  She died at 85 years of age.  Her career started in Stockholm, Sweden at age 15 and lasted until she was 36 years of age when she did her last film.  That was 1941.  It might be said that Greta Garbo suffered from a Michael Jackson complex of child abuse and age fixation.  Once Greta stepped out of the public eye….it lasted nearly 50 years.  Greta Garbo was always “an enigma wrapped in a mystery”

As for Sarah Palin, we know not what awaits.  Could she soon become another Oprah or a President…. or a recluse….. of majestic proportions.

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