The $170 Billion dollar Cigar Box?

Bernie was contrite yesterday.  “I’m ashamed…”, Ruth waxed poetic: “This is not the man I married…”  His children, brother and the whole Madoff Team kept a low key.  His Legal Team wants an appeal.  Bernie’s victims cheered!  “Death to the Tyrant!”  Meanwhile, Bernie remained unforthcoming about any further details of his empire!

So, first off….Congratulations to Judge Denny Chin…..for setting a standard for prosecuting evil in all its financial formations.  150 years sounds just about right.  Now, if we can only reopen Alcatraz without the first class National Park upgrades.  San Quentin?  No, Bernie isn’t coming out west…he is headed for Sing Sing or Attica Prison!  Great locations for those visiting cronies and banking interests that will seeing him on “Visitors Day”!  Maybe Ruth can even bring him in – a few Matza Balls!

How much of other people’s money is still missing, Bernie?  The rumors are that only $13 Billion dollars is missing.  Heck, Saddam Hussein had that much in petty cash in that hole he was found in.  No Bernie, we know you have buried much, much, much more than that.  We want to see the books, all five separate accounts – just for starters.  

But Bernie, you say this was a one man operation.  You say you ran the whole deal out of a Virtual Cigar Box!  In all of those seminars you gave over the last 20 years……what did you really reveal to anyone.  To the SEC, to Goldman-Sachs, Morgan-Stanley, Bank of America, CitiBank, Lyman Brothers…..all those pals at the Fed and your buddies at Treasury too!  Hey, let’s hear from your whole team of proven professional consultants, all paid off “part and parcel” by the little old widowed ladies…you stole from.

Ruth is an Accounting Major and she never had one of your shoe boxes?  Peter your brother, didn’t get a box…..even though he plays a good Cigar Store Indian?  Your kids get $30 Million bucks in loans…but you don’t know which Cigar Box you took the money from?  Where is your list of off-shore banks?  Where is your list of Hedge Funds?  Where is your list of borrowed, lent, sold equipment, property and commodities?

Bernie, you tell us you did this all by yourself.  How many people did you employ in your operation?  What was your monthly payroll cost?  You told everyone you made 22% a month for 20 years.  Give us the list of people that quit doing business with you and cashed out before your fall.  Give us your client list – so that the thousands of people who were well known and didn’t want to be listed as stupid – when you took them to the cleaners for another week-end at Bernie’s…..can be contacted!  Where are those billions in “Bearer Bonds”?  Where are the billions in Gambling Accounts, online and not, across the globe?

Bernie, we will be watching you.  Even when you are incarcerated….we will be keeping tabs on your wellbeing.  We will be making sure that prison officials read every letter, every piece of information you receive, every contact listed, every moment you are awake or sleeping.  You will think those guys at Gitmo had it easy!  Bernie, you will need to be separated from the General Prison population…for your own safety.  Who knows which bad guys will want to silence you?  You will need to be in solitary 23 hours a day….7 days a week.  If you get Internet access… will be able to pull up just one website:

Good luck, Bernie…..we will be pulling for you to write your book and disclose where you hid the $50 to $65 Billion dollars that to our way of thinking is still unaccounted for… any meaningful way.  When your kids, brother and wife and 20 of your office workers are safely tucked into prison garb….we will start to feel safer in this country.  Until then, we will be sweating each and every day…until we find all your “ill-gotten gains”!

Running $170 Billion dollars through a Cigar Box…..maybe not!

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