The new Obama Car

Economics is a study of consequences of various ways of allocating scarce resources which have alternative uses. It is not a study of our hopes and values. If you are going to make something no one wants, you are taking resources which have alternative uses.

Since Obama has put himself and his 32 year old “Car Czar” (pardon me a moment while I take a long swig of energy drink to wash THAT down… think he hears the “ghost of Brownie” on his shoulder?) in charge of American Automotive, 26% of Americans have decided they would buy a car that Obama wants to FORCE us to drive. That’s before they see what it is.  That percentage of willing sheep is only clarified by the realization that within his first six months, Barack Obama has:

1. Spent more of a deficit than ALL other Presidents COMBINED since George Washington.
2. And, has reached a 0 APPROVAL Index ( where his approve is the same as his disapprove) * it took George w Bush until his second term to reach that dismal milestone.

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