Laid off Santa Ana teachers have to pay $8 to see the SAUSD fire them!

How lame.  If you happened to miss this week’s SAUSD School Board meeting, and you don’t have cable TV, you are out of luck.  The district does not archive their school board meeting video footage online.

Say for example that you are a laid off teacher and you want to see the SAUSD fire you at the last board meeting.  Your only recourse if you missed being there would be to contact the SAUSD public information office.  A friend of mine did that.  Here is what the district PIO told her:

The Board meeting can be found live on Channel 31 on Tuesday, June 9th. It will rebroadcast the following Saturday at 3 p.m. and again on Tuesday at 6 p.m.

If you do not have Time Warner Cable, and would like to buy a DVD of the board meeting please let us know. It will be $8 per DVD.

We don’t post it online.

Thank you,

Payal Shah
Public Information Intern
Public Information Office
Santa Ana Unified School District

Why don’t they post it online?  LA Unified does – and they are an inept district.  Click here to see the LAUSD archived video of their past school board meetings.

You say it is too expensive to archive the video footage online?  Not true, but okay, how about the Capistrano Unified School District?  They provide archived audio of their board meetings, online.  Click here to check that out.

How about the SAUSD?  They offer a website with PDF files of agendas and minutes.  That’s it.  And you can pay them $8 for a DVD of the meeting.  What a ripoff!

What is it about Santa Ana?  Both our City Council and our School Board want to cover up what they’re up to.  They don’t want us to know how damn corrupt they are!

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