Dust In Your Eyes (Song for Iran)

  By TheNovemberSon

Inspired by the fierce courage demonstrated at continuing protests in Iran, a young artist performs music set to vivid imagery of photos from friends and from the internet.  For all who love freedom and democracy, it is so inspiring to see these people who remain unafraid in a very dangerous point in history.   Be ispired!

This is a song I wrote about the events of the last few weeks in Iran. I have put the song to images I have collected on various blogs and websites. It is dedicated to all those being persecuted and denied their freedoms. As an Iranian-American I am very saddened to see these images. At the same time, however, I am very inspired by the bravery, courage and dignity of ordinary Iranians to stand up against a corrupt and violent government. These protesters are not just changing Iran but the world.   – – TheNovemberSon,  6/27/09
TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) — About 5,000 protesters marched slowly and silently through Tehran on Sunday near a mosque where the government was allowing a demonstration for the first time in days.   LINK

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