150 Years to make restitutions!

Bernie Madoff has plenty of time to do the right thing.  Ruth can move to the old folks home in Florida…stay with friends and back talk about what nasty, terrible things that Bernie did as a Dad and a husband.

In the meantime, Bernie…ever the gallant fellow that he is….is taking full and unconditional responsibility for screwing thousands of people out of there life savings and future.  The truth of the matter is that Bernie has a perfect opportunity to make amends.  Make amends to those he screwed and make amends to those that plan on screwing others in the future with the “Madoff Formula”!

Hey Bernie, you know that dark, dank cell you will be inhabiting over the next 150 years?  We will personally send you a halogen lamp from IKEA which will illuminate your surroundings.  Both metaphorically and realistically!  Next, you need someone to donate a cheap laptop computer to the cause.  The next thing you need to do is start writing every day….about how you pulled off this terrible rip off of the old, aged and infirmed.  This could be a total “catharsis” for all your doing.  At least in regards to those like Steven Spielberg, The Holocaust Museum, thousand of those that believed so well in your abilities to deceive and to take them for everything they had….down to their false teeth…if you could have gotten a hold on those too!

Bernie, let’s get off the dime.  Forget all those worthless Appeals by your high priced legal team.  Forget about trying to protect your dumb kids, their wives, your cousins, special confidants and of course the love Ruth!  They are all going to have to stand up at some time soon and say: “Yes, we did it!”  “Bernie was too dumb to do this all by himself!”.

At any rate, write your “Tell all…book!”  Go into every detail of how you exactly ripped your clients off…year after year….day after day!  Go into all the details about the various forms of occlusion, misrepresentation and downright lies that you employed.  You could call this book:  “They were all a bunch of suckers!”  This book would be a big best seller for 26 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list!  You could knock O’Reilly right off that list without trying.

OK, so what do you do with the proceeds?  Try this one, Bernie Man……every nickel, dime and buck will be sent to your victims on a quarterly basis.  But, one warning here Bernie boy……you better be “entirely forthcoming and honest in how you did it!”  Any BS, and you get another 150 years….how’s that, smart guy?

Congratulations on making the right decision.  Between writing this novel,  you can write to each of your victims and tell them how sorry you are and from the heart.  Handwritten…..by the way!  You had 20 years to screw everyone pretty good.  Now take the next 20 to make amends!

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