The Liberal OC joins the Red County in blog futility

It’s official.  The Liberal OC has joined Red County in being overlooked by the BNN Top 20 ranking for political blogs in California.  The “Big 3” are no longer in play.  The Orange Juice remains on top in Orange County, along with the OC Progressive blog.

So what happened to the Liberal OC and Red County?  They both used to beat us with regularity, but now their numbers are down and they are just plain boring.  How did that happen?

In the case of the Liberal OC, they lost several writers to OC Progressive, and I think folks are tired of the hackery at the Liberal OC.  Like Red County, they are not interested in doing what is right.  Both blogs appear to be dedicated to gaining and keeping power.  That simply is not attractive.  And they both offer a simplistic red or blue view of the O.C.  That too is tiresome.

As for Red County, their undoing was getting ripped to shreds on the popular John and Ken show.  Then they had to demote Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham after he shilled for a Democrat, Tom Daly, and refused to tell his readers that his boy John Lewis had endorsed Daly over conservative Republican Shawn Nelson, for Chris Norby’s Supervisorial seat.

Congratulations to the OC Progressive for their continued success!  The other blogs I read regularly include the OC Weekly’s Navel Gazing blog and the O.C. Register’s Orange Punch.  I read their Total Buzz blog once in a while too, but am always disgusted to see their ads for Red County and the LIberal OC.  Memo to Martin Wisckol – you are trumpeting dead blogs!

Thanks to all our readers and our blog team for our continued success…

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