SAEA Corrupt Elections: Vote Early, Vote Often!


SAEA Clowns determined to manipulate SAEA Elections results?  You decide. 

Candidate for SAEA union Secretary, Jennifer Isensee, sent out her list of handpicked candidates to school site representatives this past weekend.  She is the ONLY candidate that has the contact list for all of the site reps.  She’s also a PAID employee of the school district who is supposed to handle grievances for teachers.  She’s got so much time on her hands after making sure that hundreds of teachers have received layoff notices that she’d also like to hold a board position too! 

The candidate cronies that she has been advertising have a distinct advantage over challengers, in that, the Elections Official (Maureen Doughtery) denies the challengers access to equal resources for contacting union membership. 

I guess this election is so special that the crony club needs to win at any cost!  Looks like weak sauce opponents have been stacking the deck to ensure a win.

Meanwhile, SAEA board members have clammed up.  Not an official peep about the shenanigans.  However, lots of union hacks seem to be swarming the OJ boards with all sorts of nonsensical defenses. 

The official SAEA board excuse will probably be that they are so busy with multiple positions in the union structure that they simply cannot be bothered with any request for accountability.    Hurry and get out the vote suckers!   This is the best it can get for your $95.00 dues per month!  And suck it up, Rif’ed teachers, this is as good as it gets.   Look on the bright side:  Once you’re out of your jobs, you won’t have to pay union dues for this kind of nonsense.  Lucky you!

SAEA Elections timeline according to the Teachers Union website.

March 24               Nominations open.
Declaration of Candidacy forms are available from SAEA site reps and the SAEA Office.
April 24                 Nominations close.
Declaration of Candidacy must be received at the SAEA Office by 4:00 P.M. Postmark date is not valid.
April 28                 Nominations from the floor of Rep Council.
April 29                 Acknowledge of Declarations from candidates.
April 29-May 1      Preparation of the ballots and voting materials.
May 4                   Ballots and voting materials sent per District Mail to the sites.
Those unable to vote at their site may request an absentee ballot from the SAEA Office from May 4-May 21.
May 4- 21              Voting at the sites.
May 21                  All ballots must be returned to the SAEA Office by 4:00P.M. on Thursday May 21.
May 21                  Counting of ballots at 4:00P.M. at SAEA Office.
May 26                  Results are announced to candidates and faxed to the sites.
May 26                  Notice of run-off elections, if necessary.
May 26                  Preparation for run-off elections, if necessary.
June 1                   Deadline for submitting election challenges at 5:00P.M.
Election Challenges must be submitted at the SAEA Office, in writing, to: Maureen Dougherty, SAEA Elections Chair.
June 1                   Election material sent to sites for run-off elections, if necessary.
June 1-12               Run-off election voting, if necessary.


Boy, Oh Boy, the entrenched SAEA Union Cabal sure wants to win this year.  At any cost!  Goooooooo insiders club!

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