Prop bashing unites GOPs with Greens

I’ve started a scorecard on recommendations for the 5/19 Propositions, and note that Larry Gilbert’s No on Everything camp has now become a tent so big as to include conservative talk radio icons John & Ken, the California Republican Party, and the Green Party.  Other OJ bloggers besides me and Larry seem hesitant to post recommendations, although it is hard to imagine something more relevant than something where we actually do get a vote.

I believe I also figured out where I went wrong on trying to read 1D.  The unrestriction on the not-to-replace funding concept applies to carry-over funds, as well as reduction in the ad budget in favor of unrestricted.  Thus the hand-wringing over first-5 programs losing a statutory entitlement to priority on tobacco tax funds.

Here’s how the recommendations break down so far:

                               1A     1B      1C      1D      1E       1F

Ron St. John            No     No     No      Yes     Yes     Yes

Larry Gilbert            No     No     No      No      No      No

Dem Party               NP     Yes    Yes     NP      NP      Yes

Rep Party                No     No     No      No      No      No

Lib Party                 No     No     No      No      No     Yes

Green Party             No     No     No      No      No      No

Sac Bee                  Yes    No      Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes

LA Times                Yes    Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes

SEIU                       No     Yes     Yes     No      No      No

Cal Teachers          Yes    Yes      Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes

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