Obama throws Latino under the bus

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White House Military Office Director Louis Caldera was thrown under the bus by the Obama Administration today over the Air Force One flyover gaffe. Last month Caldera apologized for the April 27 incident that sparked fear in NYC residents who went running for cover as they feared another terrorist attack like the one in which planes were flown into the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

Problem is, it wasn’t Louis Caldera’s fault. And everyone knows it.

As indicated in this Times online article, the military, the White House Military Office, the White House Press Office, and the Oval Office all knew about the flyover, as it would be impossible to hermetically seal off the rest of government from moving Air Force One about. You could ditch Rahm Ehmanuel, the White House Press Secretary, a dozen white faces. No.

The FAA knew about the flyover and didnt care. Obama could have ditched J. Randolph “Randy” Babbitt but he’s your typical Union thug. They’re tight with Obama. No good.

Hell, you could fire Secretary of Defense Gates for the rampant abuse of protocols it took to pull this stunt off. And I like the guy! You could fire the head of the Air National Guard for participating in a Title 32 exercise with National Guard aircraft. Title 32 is where National Guard are being used for Law Enforcement in their respective states.

Do you understand all that had to be put into place to make this happen? And look who they pick to be a fall guy.

And don’t EVEN get me started about – “It was something we just found out about.” A man who has to travel everywhere with TWO planes knows where they are AT ALL TIMES. Go ahead, argue that Obama didnt know. You KNOW he lied.

One has to assume that Obama found it easy to ditch one of the few ranking Latinos in his administration. They just take that hispanic vote for granted. The favorite for the Supreme Court seat is female.

Just how long do Latinos plan to take the Obama face-slapping, back-o-the-bus treatment before their support begins to fade? And where will they turn then? The third parties certainly have nothing to offer them. And the Florida Hispanic vote is and remains solidly CONSERVATIVE. So they have a natural home to turn to. Certainly one more friendly to their Catholic concerns than people who proclaim anyone who speaks of religion in public as “Talibani”.

I’d call the Democrat treatment of the Hispanic bloc bigotry pure and simple. There is just no other way to see it. Just another brown face to kick around or out, right “Progressives”?

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