How will America vote in 2010?

Consider the facts: Analysts place the average midterm loss for the party in the White House at around 15 to 44 seats, depending on which elections are counted — only elected presidents, midterm elections since the Civil War, midterm elections since World War II, comparable-sized congresses, first and second midterm elections and so on. The average first midterm election loss for every elected president since 1914 is 27 House seats and three Senate seats.

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In his first midterm election, George W. Bush picked up six House seats and two Senate seats — making him, according to The New York Times, “the first Republican president to gain House seats in an off-year election” and only the third president of either party to pick up House seats in a midterm election since the Civil War.

The question is, do you believe there are more races for Democrats to win? Can Barack Obama do as well as George W Bush??

How did it (the left wing) achieve these majorities? It did so lifted by the wings of moderate, centrist Democrats who mastered their GOP opponents throughout the country. It was not liberals who defeated Republican incumbents in the House and Senate. It was moderates, future members of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). The only reason Pelosi is Speaker is that a fresh crop of moderate Democrats ousted Republican incumbents in the House.

If you understand that a good patch of Democrats won by being better Republicans, just how many seats are left out there for voters that really believe the leftist socialism of Barack Obama? And how well will Democrats do running as Republicans in those districts? Don’t we argue again and again that Republicans lose because they act like Democrats? That also works the other way around…

I’m not arguing that any house will change hands. Not yet. But this is pure political science 101 boys and girls. I say 20 House Seats and 3 Senate seats go back GOP. Lets see who’s living in the real world…

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