Being Dick Jones; Excessively Intellectually Unattractive

Dear Friends, we have reached way back into the dusty corners of our video archives and have retrieved this gem – an unedited rant by our own beloved eccentric on the Fullerton City Council, Mr. Dick Jones. Last fall some of Fullerton’s middle-brows got bent out of shape because we went to the trouble of patching together clips of Jones’ fulminations and actually elevated his crazy diatribes into high art. So here we present him in his own, unvarnished syntactical glory! 

The project that Dick Jones is ranting about was a housing/re-use proposal for the old Kohlenberger/Morehouse building on Commonwealth. Housing and preservation, good goals, right?

Click here to tee if you can slice though the chicken-fried blather coating this brainless bluster and find any substance.

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