White House Going to the Dogs on Tuesday!

A Portuguese Water Dog will be joining the First Family next week!

No name has yet been selected. According to TMZ, “a black and white, six month-old, male dog will be coming to the White House this Tuesday with the help of Senator Ted Kennedy’s family.” The Kennedys have bought 3 of these Portuguese Water Dogs from the same Texas kennel that will be shipping this week to Malia and Sasha Obama.

The dog is currently named Charlie, but it is expected that he will be renamed by the First Family.  The girls have floated “Frank” and “Moose” as possible names for their new post-Easter doggie. You can see the actual puppy on www.firstdogcharlie.com.  This is the REAL OBAMA DOG coming to the White House on Tuesday.

There had been hopes and speculation that the Obamas would have adopted a dog from a shelter.   The Obamas were drawn to this specific breed because of its friendly temperament and its lack of undercoat making this dog a good hypoallergenic choice for Malia who suffers from allergies.”Charlie” was previously returned to the kennel for reasons that are not yet publicized.  In a twist of good fortune for Charlie, he is being re-homed to the Obama family.

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