Vallejo is broke yet top brass continue to collect $5 mil in pensions

The city of Vallejo is broke yet 46 top brass continue to collect sizeable pensions totalling over $5 million per year.

A reader raised a valid concern of the major investment losses suffered by CalPERS. That famous line by Cuba Gooding Jr. in the movie Jerry Maguire applies. “Show me the money.”

Let’s look at Vallejo’s bankruptcy and retirees

We have all read that “On May 23, 2008, the City (of Vallejo) filed a case seeking bankruptcy protection and the adjustment of its debts under chapter 9 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. The case was filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of California, Sacramento Division (the “Bankruptcy Court”) and was assigned case number 2008-26813. On May 23, 2008, the Honorable Michael McManus, Chief United States Bankruptcy Judge was designated by the Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to preside over the case. The City intends to continue normal business operations throughout the bankruptcy process. Information about the Bankruptcy Court is available by accessing the Bankruptcy Court’s website at You may retrieve copies of documents filed in the chapter 9 case by accessing the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER); a subscription is required. To obtain a login/password, submit a registration from the PACER home page at You will not be able to obtain copies of documents by calling the Bankruptcy Court directly. Additional information regarding the bankruptcy case can also be found on the following links or by sending an email to” 
Now let’s look at the 46 retired city employees who will each continue to receive over $100,000 per anum from their CalPERS retirement plans. What will be the funding source for future payments? Note: The information below was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act from the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS).

   NAME                          MONTHLY        ANNUAL       CITY

MICHAEL KIRCHNER       $16,128.48   $193,541.76 VALLEJO 
LAMONTE MORRIS         $14,160.98   $169,931.76 VALLEJO 
JOANN WEST                  $13,446.50   $161,358.00 VALLEJO 
RONALD BECKER            $12,485.95   $149,831.40 VALLEJO 
KEVIN KELLEY                 $12,317.86   $147,814.32 VALLEJO 
ANTHONY PEARSALL      $12,237.73   $146,852.76 VALLEJO 
THOMAS LIDDICOET       $12,017.31   $144,207.72 VALLEJO 
THOMAS HAUSER           $11,558.17   $138,698.04 VALLEJO 
JAMES JAKSCH                $11,538.39   $138,460.68 VALLEJO 
ROBERT LEWIS                $11,330.08   $135,960.96 VALLEJO 
ROGER KEMP                  $11,081.93   $132,983.16 VALLEJO 
KENNETH SIROIS            $10,985.91   $131,830.92 VALLEJO 
VINCENT SARULLO        $10,972.44   $131,669.28 VALLEJO 
IVANO PAOLI                 $10,749.71   $128,996.52 VALLEJO 
JOHN POWERS               $10,456.41    $125,476.92 VALLEJO 
JIMMIE BOSTON              $10,256.25   $123,075.00 VALLEJO 
RUBEN CARDENAS          $10,183.20   $122,198.40 VALLEJO 
JOHN THOMPSON           $10,063.01   $120,756.12 VALLEJO 
JOHN BUNCH                 $10,048.52   $120,582.24 VALLEJO 
KEVIN PURNELL              $10,045.14   $120,541.68 VALLEJO 
JAMES COUGHLIN            $9,885.24   $118,622.88 VALLEJO 
ERROL COOLEY                $9,866.83   $118,401.96 VALLEJO 
DAVID HOEN                   $9,783.53   $117,402.36 VALLEJO 
ALBERT LEHMAN             $9,549.55   $114,594.60 VALLEJO 
THEODORE STOCKLI       $9,402.42   $112,829.04 VALLEJO 
JOHN GUARIN                  $9,284.86  $111,418.32 VALLEJO 
LARRY GILES                   $9,276.81   $111,321.72 VALLEJO 
HERBERT JONES              $9,173.99   $110,087.88 VALLEJO 
GARY TRUELSEN             $9,168.30   $110,019.60 VALLEJO 
DANIEL LOW                   $9,135.47   $109,625.64 VALLEJO 
ALVARO DASILVA           $9,112.34    $109,348.08 VALLEJO 
WILLIAM YOUNG             $9,034.74   $108,416.88 VALLEJO 
JOHN DUANE                  $8,984.10   $107,809.20 VALLEJO 
MARK AKABA                  $8,963.50   $107,562.00 VALLEJO 
JERALD BOWDEN            $8,939.14    $107,269.68 VALLEJO 
REGINALD GARCIA         $8,887.88    $106,654.56 VALLEJO 
EXEQUIEL GANDING       $8,848.01    $106,176.12 VALLEJO 
MICHAEL DEROQUE        $8,829.12    $105,949.44 VALLEJO 
DAVID MARTINEZ           $8,728.86    $104,746.32 VALLEJO 
DAVID MCCUAN           $8,637.09     $103,645.08 VALLEJO 
PHILIP SILVA                 $8,608.62      $103,303.44 VALLEJO 
RAYMOND FIELDS           $8,590.70    $103,088.40 VALLEJO 
ROBERT LEE                 $8,542.05       $102,504.60 VALLEJO 
MICHAEL FEENAN        $8,531.40       $102,376.80 VALLEJO 
HOWARD MASON            $8,433.92    $101,207.04 VALLEJO 
DALE HAWKINS           $8,420.70        $101,048.40 VALLEJO

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