Tax Day Tea Protest in Santa Ana attracts over 800 – and a few nuts

The Santa Ana Tax Day Tea Party had a “festival atmosphere that included performances by two members of the 1970s pop band Bay City Rollers and a strolling Uncle Sam on stilts. Pig-shaped balloons, a symbol of government pork, flapped in the breeze above a crowd estimated at 800 by the Santa Ana Police Department. But speeches were the central order of the day, picked for the protests because it was the tax-filing deadline,” according to the O.C. Register.

Our blogger Larry Gilbert was there.  I imagine he will be putting up a post later today.  We did receive a bunch of pictures from a web page put up by our reader Travis Kiger.  Thanks Travis!  Be sure to read the rest of this post to see the pictures below.  The one on top of this post is pretty funny as it depicts a Democrat counter-protester asking the very good question, “Where were you when Bush was spending?”  I suspect that many of these protesters were Bush enablers over the last eight years.

Not sure what to make of the picture above.  Why are folks complaining about Obama?  It is our Republican Governor and our State Legislators who put our state in a budget hole!

Santa Ana’s finest showed up.  What is their fixation with horses?  I don’t get that.  How much do these damn horses cost our local taxpayers?

Someone put a lot of work into those banners!

Okay – that is just weird.

Okay, that one is pretty weird too.

Finally a sign that makes some sense!

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