Failed: The War on Drugs

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Apparently the legislators are again BEHIND the times and the opinions of the day, too scared to actually act on the failed war on drugs despite shifting popular sentiment, according to an article in the O.C. Register.

I have long been an advocate for the decriminalization of most, if not all drugs.  Actually, its what brought me to the Libertarian Party in 1993.  Of course, I realize this is not a popular sentiment.  I do think that people are finally coming to understand that at least with marijuana it makes no sense to:

  • Artificially drive up prices for recreational drugs, thereby creating an engine for theft
  • Spend precious tax dollars incarcerating people whose only offense is to partake of recreational drugs (vis-a-vis mandatory minimum and three-strikes laws)
  • Distract law enforcement resources away from real crimes like theft, assault, rape, and murder

What do you think?

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