Arlen Specter, Swine Flu and the 1st 100 days!

Barack Obama has not been letting any grass grow under his feet in the first 100 Days as President of the United States!  His total frequent flyer miles may already be more than the entire Bush Administration for eight years.  President Obama even has empty “Air Force One” planes flying over D.C. and New York….just to bug people!  Hey, we are talking Europe, South America and Asian……

“What about the opposition?” as Robert Shaw might say in “From  Russia With Love”.  The story is that Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are still chllin and shillin for the Sarah Palin winglet of the Republican Party…which is in such a downward spiral that even the “Old and Squishy” are leaving “the Elephant Zone” faster than Ross Perot could hear that giant “Sucking Sound”.  Arlen Specter was always an embarrassment to the GOP anyway.  Much like a Michael Bloomberg….always willing to change jerseys or go from “Shirts to Skins” in a heartbeat.  Is this truly ethical conduct?  Who cares?  Bye bye Arlen….too bad you can’t move to New York. 

So, what about this “Swine Flu”?  Was it created by the CIA to take out Fidel Castro?  Good Grief…is it always something?  Wasn’t there a better way to dissuade people from going to Mexico?  Hey, they already have closed some Border points because of the Drug Cartel killings, Super Criminals and Corrupt Government Officials, Police and Military.  Guess everyone wanted those bargain deals on pharmacy drugs and huarache sandals in spite of the dangers.  OK, how about the new “Swine Flu”.  Never experienced in human history….is it in fact the true “Andromeda Strain”?  Kills some, mostly Mexicans….sickens more….but what is it really?  The answers to those questions……are always much like the results from those they get out of a black box disaster.  Years later we know less than we knew to begin with.

Back to President Obama.  Saying he has sucked the air out of the Global Political room make be an understatement.  He has so much going on that it is hard to keep up.  Oh sure, we still hate his “Cap and Trade Energy Policy”.  We are totally unsure which direction he is going on so-called “Universal Heathcare”.  We can get no definitive read on what is happening with the various bailed out Banks and Institutions that Treasury Secretary Geithner and Fed Chief Bernanke have been touting.  We do know that both General Motors and Chrysler are in deep deep do-do!  They will be going the way of the buggy whip soon!

Meanwhile, President Obama has cozy relations with both Raul Castro and Columbian President Hugo Chavez!  This is of course overshadowed by the fact that President Obama seems to have lots of cozy relationships from China to Russia to Argentina.  This is all pretty amazing when you think that for the last eight years – nobody liked us at all.  Well, maybe the UK….maybe not!  Now, we are the titular head of World Government…in a laydown?  How can this happen?

So, the Republicans are on the ropes.  They have no “gravitas” -they do have “naysaying” down to a fine science.  Watching Mitch McConnel kick his own shoes as he mentioned the “disaffection” of Arlen Specter was pitiful.  The Republicans need “Rock Stars”, “Celebrity Politicians” like Bruce Willis, Tom Selleck, Carly Fiorina and Mel Gibson to step up to the plate.  How can the Republicans compete with “the Greater Obama World Tour”?

So, the first 100 days have yielded just two major attacks by the Republicans on the Obama Presidency:  (1) He was born in Kenya! and (2) He is spending more money than anyone is history!

In the meantime, the Obama Administration has been moving at “Light Speed”…making appointments, running the Vice President and his beautiful bride all over the place….making personal appearances, lots of townhall meetings, world travel, new policies and proposals and generally showing an impressive array of tools including bringing in the First Lady, the kids and Bo the dog!

We are still cautious on any proposed firearm legislation, any restrictions on personal freedoms and generally trying to keep tabs on his multitude of emerging Global policies.  First 100 Days?  A “B plus” or an “A minus” on issues, a full “A” on process.

Now the President can start the next 100 days…….this time with a converted Elephant who got off the trail and missed the burial grounds!  Arlen Specter!

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