Why Richard Nixon was a dirty, rotten SOB!

We dislike greatly….beating up on the dead…or their memory.  There are many things more uplifting and helpful to do in life.  Yet, sometimes things come to your attention that revisits your visions of things, people and history.  When that happens, it is best to reassess, think on it, investigate it in great detail and then move on.

Frank Langella recently was nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars for his role in “Nixon-Frost”.  Ron Howard Produced and Directed and he too was even nominated.  There was a big marketing push to have people see this redux of the famous exchanges between Richard Nixon and David Frost.  Here, Nixon is tested to the point that he finally says: “If the President does it…it is not illegal.”  Evidently, Bill Clinton hung on every word during that interview and had no qualms about following suit.  Having said that…..it is not our intent to beat up on personalities, but rather actions.

Did anyone ever wonder why the “OPEC – Arab Cartel” suddenly, cut off all our oil, as an embargo effort because of our support of Israel against the Arabs in the Seven Day War of 1967?  Or, since the Oil Embargo took place in October of 1973….about the same time as the Yom Kippur War?  Who was pulling all those strings?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1973_oil_crisis

A couple of things worth noting:  In October of 1971, the United States pulled out of the Bretton-Woods World Banking Agreement….along with our pal the United Kingdom.  What did that mean, you might ask:  “Well, Nixon just de-monitized our US currency.  Basically, he was just being vindictive and personal toward DeGaulle.  The result however was that we didn’t have to back our currency with the Gold in Fort Knox…anymore!  All by Presidential edict!”  If you follow the ramblings of Ron Paul…occasionally he drops this bomb.  Along with the likes of the tractor logo guy: Lyndon Larouche!

But what was the fallout of that action and how in world could it happen in the first place?  Well, it goes like this:  Charles DeGaulle was President of France and really loved requesting payment in Gold for everything that the US or the UK wanted to buy from him.  French Wine and Cheese pleased him greatly.  Watching his coffers grow and grow and grow.  Pretty soon, it was getting to be a bit of an inconvenience for the people at Fort Knox…busy loading up and shipping that gold off to Paris.  As you might know, Charles wasn’t just a bad guy….but he hated LBJ and the war in Vietnam.  He was very embarrassed that the French had to be bailed out by the Anglo-Americans….and that France lost a very valuable colony!  It wasn’t personal, it was just business and making the US sweat in front of the entire world was just plain fun.

Along comes ARAMCO….the Saudi’s, Iran, Iraq, Morrocco and Libya – the wonderful oil exporting countries.  They watched Charles boy and said to themselves….”Hey, we could do that too!”  Does anyone remember the 70’s and 80’s enough to remember the very rich Arabs invading America with their gold chains around their necks?  How about the spike in Gold prices in 1979?  Does any of this ring a bell?

The term “Unintended Consequences” became very apparent to Nixon when suddenly he had to add “Price and Wage Controls” to our economy.  Does anyone remember this?  It was dreaded….it was awful…..and it set the stage for the fall in our currency across the globe.  Let’s just say, Nixon had much bigger problems than “Plumbers in the attic!”  He had protesters outside the White House and he didn’t know what they were protesting!  If he had known it was just that “Dirty Asian War”….he might have pulled out sooner.  But with people like John Dean advising him…..what could you do?  Nixon loved “Yes Men”…and adored those that adored him!  His favorite song was sung by Frankie Valle: “My Eyes Adored You…cause I couldn’t take my eyes off you….My Eyes Adored You!  Metaphorically, of course!

All in all, Nixon killed our economy, placed us in bed with World Banking because now we were controlled by a “Basket of Currencies”.  We placed our fate in the hands of Investment Bankers!  These people love leveraged buys of any kind….gold, oil, corn, hogs……any ringing bells yet?  We don’t know what the world economy holds for us now…but we do know that Richard Nixon did all he could…….to destroy the American Dream for average citizens…..who he distrusted greatly. 

Richard Nixon has a lovely Library in Yorba Linda, California which we encourage everyone to visit.  But having said that….we also encourage “a clear view from the bridge” …. unobstructed by hyperbole!

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