Why is the Garden Grove school district not firing anyone, while the SAUSD is firing over 500 teachers?

Rob Richardson

This Republican School Board Trustee has brought ruination to the Santa Ana Unified School District

Why is it that so many local school districts here in Orange County are not firing any schoolteachers, while Santa Ana Unified (SAUSD) is firing 530 teachers?  And why does the SAUSD keep having these fiscal problems every single year?

The school districts in Garden Grove, Fullerton and Westminster are not firing any teachers.  Garden Grove has over 48,000 students!  That compares favorably to SAUSD, which has over 57,000 students.

Why are these other school districts well run while the SAUSD continues to be a total disaster?

To find out more about this issue, click here to read an article by the O.C. Register, which includes a chart that depicts layoffs, by school district.

And yet despite the sorry record in Santa Ana, the local teacher’s union endorsed the incumbents in last year’s school board election.  What a pathetic union! 

One of those Trustees, Republican Rob Richardson, is also the Assistant CEO of Orange County.  Richardson was attacked by our friends at Planned Parenthood last year.  Recently the O.C. Board of Supervisors took away funding from Planned Parenthood that was paying for teen sex education.

I hope Richardson is happy now.  Teens in his city have the highest teen pregnancy rates in Orange County.  Thanks to Richardson’s GOP buddies on the Board of Supervisors those teenagers have even less resources now.

Don’t forget that Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, Santa Ana Councilman Vince Sarmiento and Assemblyman Jose Solorio, all Democrats, endorsed Richardson last year!

There will never be any positive change at the SAUSD as long as useless relics like Richardson continue to dominate our school board.  And these annual firings of teachers will continue, ad infinitum.

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