Time to dump the Diet Coke in Boston Harbor

Diet coke is addictive!  Everyone knows it is.  We still think it killed our good friend Dave Inzer so many years ago.  He could sit down and drink six diet cokes or three ice teas at a sitting.  A double chili size and an additonal side of fries.  Dave died young….46 years old.

Looking at our 50th Anniversary High School Reunion….out of the 1179 students that graduated in 1959 from Fullerton Union High School, just 20 are deceased.  Not many for people that are now upwards of 67 to 69 years young.  The majority died of obesity.  Not Viet-nam…though we had a couple.  Some from alcohol and prescription drug abuse….but mainly from being overweight for virtually….no reason other than the type of food and drink they ingested.  It is a scary thought to get to the reunion in October and find out how many more of our schoolmates are now having medical problems and can expect serious health costs in the coming years.

President Obama wants us to have Universal Heathcare.  A noble thought regarding the value of human life and life quality.  But more importantly, it is what we are putting into our bodies, which is allowed by the government that seems to be doing the bad stuff.  We are not allowed to know where meat, chicken or fish comes from.  We are not allowed to know the calories that each serving provides.  BHT and other preservatives have taken the taste out of most of our foods.  The storage and shelf life of some foods verges on years in some cases.  We look at Rush Limbaugh and we see him grow in size in front of our eyes.  He was first hooked on Oxicotin and now what?  How about all the fast food, junk food, tainted food, old food, salmonella peanuts, onions from Mexico and more!

Rhetorically, people say….”We should have the same healthcare that members of Congress and the Government Employees are provided with!”  Well, if you didn’t notice we have had rationed healthcare in the country for the last 15 years.  Once we got HMO’s, we just volunteered for Rationed Healthcare.  When each step of our healthcare requires a bureaucratic approval…that can be denied…..we are all being rationed….whether we have a PPO or not.  Insurance Coverage is changing radically.  Today, anything considered not emergency…..the percentages are either changed from 80 – 20 to 50-50 or totally denied.  These are all issues which complicate the broad brush concept of giving everyone Universal Healthcare.

Most importantly however, it is the poisons that we ingest that are doing the most damage, causing our bloated obesity, our diabetes, our list on ongoing required prescriptions.  The time has come to dump the Diet Coke into Boston Harbor. The time has come to say to the pharmaceutical giants that advertise on every television channel…..that we want our drugs “for free”!  We don’t want “Generic”….we want “Brand”!   A good example of the difference from Generic to Brand goes like this:  Bactrim DDS which is used to treat most staph infections.  Generic from the pharmacy: $3.60.  Brand from the pharmacy: $43.40 for same number of pills.  The difference:  Generic makes some, sick to their stomach and doesn’t work very well.  The Brand on the other hand….does not upset your stomach and seems to work quite well.

President Obama has a big challenge on his hands to save our health.  We all can help by dumping our Diet Coke, taking the right drugs and demanding that we get all our drugs as part of this Universal Healthcare without fee!  Big pharma must be Nationalized, have their CEO’s and Sale people get salaries that are not obnoxious….and still take care of the citizens in the process.

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