O.C. Supervisors hurt public health again

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“Planned Parenthood shouldn’t receive county funding for its health outreach programs because it also performs abortions, which are morally wrong. That’s what the Orange County Supervisors said Tuesday when they voted unanimously to suspend a contract with the nonprofit organization, after an hours-long debate about abortion rights and county contracting policies,” according to the O.C. Register.

I hope the Jannies are happy.  Supervisor Janet Nguyen did not stand up for her constituents.  Instead she voted right along with the rest of the Talibani Republicans on the O.C. Board of Supervisors.

Nguyen also was the key vote against proposed County health ratings for local restaurants.

Our entire Board of Supervisors appears to be anti-public health.

I don’t buy the deranged argument advanced by Supervisor John Moorlach, that funding these programs somehow leads to more abortions.  I think that what is really going on is that Assistant County CEO Rob Richardson, who is a Republican, wanted revenge because a PAC run by Planned Parenthood mailed out a number of hit pieces against Richardson’s campaign for the SAUSD School Board last year.  This move by the BOS was nothing more than political retribution.

And I am sure that the Supervisors were peeved that Planned Parenthood also backed me, for the Santa Ana City Council, against their boy Carlos Bustamante, who is a very lame County manager.

I was surprised that the O.C. Register’s editorial board bought into Moorlach’s crazed scheme.  What exactly is Libertarian about advancing a Talibani cause?

As for the Jannies, I hope they are happy now. I spoke to Claudio Gallegos yesterday and he said that Nguyen was going to explain herself to him.  What is there to explain?  We all know how she voted.  As usual, she is worthless.

The irony is that a recent study shows that by far most California voters are pro-choice.  And other studies show that abortions are dropping, and have been doing so for some time.  But the OC BOS appears to be in a bubble – or behind an Orange curtain…

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