“Malicious blogs endangering city” Take note. Bloggers will hold you accountable!

Readers. There is no way for us to keep up with all the news coverage that can be found on line. However I like to open the following for discussion. As we surely have read, the print media has taken some major hits over the past decade.
I have just found a listing of 10 newspapers that are most likely to fail this year or resort to only offering an on-line product.
Philadelphia Daily News, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Miami Herald, Detroit News, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Sun-Times, New York Daily News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Part of the demise of this industry can be attributed to the younger generation, those under age 45, who get most of their news on line. However, there is a down side. Eventually, if the mainstream press evaporates, where will we get our news stories? Who will hold our elected officials accountable for their actions and policy decisions?
We have seen cases where, due to cutbacks, local news reporters are functioning as extensions of the city’s public relations departments publishing press releases rather than questioning city actions. That oversight failure opens the door for bloggers to ask the tough questions and challenge our leaders. That’s why the First Amendment, in our Bill of Rights, is listed “first.”

Apparently activists in the state of Maryland have hit a nerve with a Md. Mayor as indicated in the following AP story.

Salisbury mayor: Malicious blogs endangering city
Associated Press
March 13, 2009

SALISBURY — In her final State of the City address, Salisbury Mayor Barrie Parsons Tilghman warned residents of what she sees as a great danger to the city: malicious bloggers.

Tilghman said in her address Thursday that over the last five years, the presence of a small group of suspicious, mean-spirited people focused on the negative has grown, endangering the city’s vitality.

Tilghman says some people are avoiding serving their city because it’s not worth chancing the scorn of bloggers. But Tilghman says they need to stand up for the city.

Tilghman’s final day in office is April 19, but she says she plans to remain active in the city. She says she plans to give a less formal farewell address before leaving office.

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