L.A. Times obsessed with tax increases

Whisper “taxes” and L.A.Times journalists salivate like Pavlov’s Dog (shown in the picture).

They pushed hard for Gov. Schwarzentaxxer’s record state tax increases of last month. Now, star journo Michael Hiltzik writes that rich folks are just lazy loafers who deserve to be taxed at even higher rates.

I remember when I came to the Orange County Register as an editorial writer in 1987, the Times as always was in full tax-hike fury. An enterprising member of Gov. Deukmejian’s staff wrote up a fake “tax bill,” listing all the new taxes the Times itself would pay if its wildest tax-increase dreams came true, and sent the bill to the Times’ publisher. Of course, there was no reply.

I would go further today: If you want tax increases, you should pay for them with 100% of your income and property taxed away. You then would live on food stamps and other welfare. It should apply to the Times’ owners and management, Schwarzentaxxer, and Hiltzik, whose salary must be at least $150,000, or about 4 times the $35,000 median income of American women.

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About John Seiler

I was an editorial writer at The Orange County Register for 19 years, until I took a buyout in 2006.