Jubal’s buddy John Urell was an even bigger pig than we thought

Gustavo Arellano has dug up further evidence that Red-faced County blog editor Matt/Jubal Cunningham’s buddy John Urell was an even bigger pig than we thought.  He played a much bigger role in covering up the actions of his pederast priests than anyone knew, according to new information that Gustavo dug up.

Here are a few excerpts from Gustavo’s latest Navel Gazing post about Urell and his twisted amigos:

Plaintiff’s attorney V. James DeSimone took the deposition of a previous Lyons victim (the Weekly doesn’t reveal the name of sex-abuse victims without their consent) whose younger brother and himself were molested by the pedo-priest at St. John the Baptist in Costa Mesa in the late 1970s. In 1994, the two brothers contacted Urell to speak about their abuse and ask that the diocese dump Lyons.

Urell met with the brothers at Gisler Park in Costa Mesa. The victim testified under oath that Urell told the two that they “were telling lies,” that the victims were trying to “deface” the church and “hurt” Lyons. “Goddamn it, let’s get on” with forgetting the episode, Urell told the violated brothers.

Infuriated, the brothers then set up a meeting the following year with then-Bishops Norman McFarland and Michael Driscoll, in which the heads of the Orange diocese told the brothers that “they were going to take care what needed to be taken care of.” Their solution? Send Lyons off to the St. Luke’s Institute, a notorious haven for pedo-priests that counts as alumni Michael Harris and Eleuterio Ramos. Although McFarland and his hierarchy assured the brothers Lyons would be gone, he returned after eight months as if nothing had happened.

The two brothers would go on to be part of the $100 million in settled sex-abuse cases that Tod D. Brown signed off on in 2005. Urell, of course, would famously crack for the guilt he felt destroying so many lives–yet he still has a job. Let’s see the Friends of Monsignor John try to spin this latest Urell revelation…

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