Billboard in Rush Limbaugh’s Backyard

Got something to say to Rush Limbaugh in 10 words or less? The Democratic party wants to hear from you.   

The Democratic National Committee is soliciting slogans for a billboard to appear in Limbaugh’s “hometown” of West Palm Beach, Fla. The lucky winner will receive a T-shirt emblazoned with the winning slogan.   The DNC will pay the entire cost for the billboard once a winning entry has been selected in the “not too distant future,” LaVera said, adding that it was immediately unclear how entries have been received as of Friday.

Responding on-air to the billboard, Limbaugh said in true tongue and cheek form he “wanted to see evidence” that the DNC did not use taxpayer money to pay for the billboard.

DNC Contest Link

Or maybe you want to join the hordes of GOP’ers who are kowtowing and apologizing to Boss Limbaugh?  Here is the DNC’s Apology Generator page.

Here’s my personal favorite:

Dear Rush,
I am sorry that I called you a chickenhawk who supported the war in Iraq but used a boil on your ass to get a deferrment when your turn came to fight in Vietnam.

I am sorry that I called you a hypocrite and mysogynist when you lambasted liberals for having poor values while you got divorced 4 times.

I am sorry that I called you a jerk, when after Jerry Garcia died, you said he was just another dead doper, and avocated stiff jail terms for drug users, and then a few years later you were caught with thousands of Oxycontins and you hired a famous OJ-style defense attorny to work the system to keep you out of jail for felony possession.

I am sorry that you got caught with someone elses prescription for Viagra when you returned from a sex-with-young-girls tour of the Dominican republic (yeesh, creepy … at least I hope you gave the girls a VERY big tip for what you had them do).

I’m sorry that you take pleasure in torturing Republicans who dare to utter the mildest peep about you. I am sorry you are such a thin skinned jackass.

But please Rush, don’t stop. Your country needs you more than ever, for if anyone represents the worst in our country and a role model of exactly what a valueless, hypocritical, cowardly, creepy, gluttonous, money-ubber-alles grubber is like, it is you.

yours in deep sorrow

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