Arnold: I’ll be back to tax

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is obsessed with taxes. Like the relentless Terminator machine he played in the talkies, he’s following a mission with algorithmic determination: Tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax.

Last month, he jacked up Californians’ taxes $12 billion. And he’s campaigning to trick voters to pass, on May 19, another $20 billion tax increase.

Now, Schwarzentaxxer is working to jack up gas taxes  — a real carjacking.  On Meet the Press yesterday, he was asked whether increasing the gas tax is needed to pay for all the socialist programs he favors. He replied, “I think one has to look at it.”

Translation into German: “Jawohl!

No wonder California’s employment rate just shot up to 10.5%. That’s 2.4 percentage points higher than the national rate of 10.1%.  As bad as things are nationally, they’re even worse here — because of Arnold’s socialism.

Just a year ago, California’s unemployment rate was 6.2%. So it’s gone up 4.3 percentage points in just a year. If that rate of increase continues — and with Obama continuing Bush’s attack on the economy, no relief is in sight — then by the time Arnold leaves office in January 2011, California’s unemployment rate will be 19%!

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