A change of pace. “The Fast and the Curious” with auto racing legend Parnelli Jones now on google video

As Orange Juice bloggers Ron and Anna Winship and myself cover more than local, state, and national politics. For those that enjoy all classes of auto racing let me announce our latest Cutting Edge-a-talk show Internet News program entitled “The Fast and the Curious”  where we interviewed internationally acclaimed auto racing legend Parnelli Jones, winner of numerous races including the INDY 500.  This one hour cost and commercial-free program was filmed at his Torrance, CA office/showroom on Friday March 6th.

In this interview Parnelli openly shared his many legendary racing experiences and history beginning from the time his family came to California at age 2, to when he was 17 years of age while getting his basic driver training as a jalopy racer. Parnelli mentioned in passing that he was and is a “very competitive individual” and has always had a “strong desire to win.” His accomplishments in a variety of racing machines and induction to multiple Halls of Fame for his driving skills are pure testimony to that fact.

Parnelli Jones has been enshrined in the AARWBA Hall of Honor, a Who’s Who of the motor sports industry along with several others. During Parnelli’s candid and open conversation he commented that “I knew how to go fast but didn’t know how to win” regarding the many times that his equipment failed him….In 1961 Parnelli Jones and  Bobby Marshman shared Co-Rookie drivers of the year honors at INDY when Parnelli was only 23 years old. He went on to become the first INDY car driver to qualify at over 150 MPH in 1962. In 1967 he qualified and drove Andy Granatelli’s unique Pratt & Whitney 550 HP turbine engine car at the INDY 500 nearly winning the race before a quick change rear end bearing failed with just 3 and 1/2 laps left before the finish line.

Parnelli Jones also shared some great stories from his exploits at Pike’s Peak to his off-road racing in Baja. In addition to discussing his participation in a signature 2007 Saleen Mustang Parnelli Jones Boss 302 Grabber car,  we touched on some of his thoughts regarding today’s auto industry and the Chrysler turbine engine cars of the 60’s.  Parnelli also shares his views on why Detroit perhaps never embraced the turbine machine technology.  The shocking realities…..are amazing!

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