Uber right wing John Lewis endorses Democrat Tom Daly for the BOS

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Steven Greenhut confirmed the other day that uber right wing “Republican consultant John Lewis will be supporting (although not working for) Clerk/Recorder Tom Daly in his bid for the 4th district supervisorial seat once Chris Norby is termed out,” according to the Orange Punch Blog.

Apparently Lewis “appreciates that Daly was one of the very few people who backed Norby when the entire establishment was behind Cynthia Coad.”

Greenhut points out the fact that Daly, who is a prominent Democrat, willl not likely be a better advocate for limited-government than either of the two likely Republican contenders, Fullerton Councilman Sean Nelson (Republican elected official of the year), or Anaheim Councilman Harry Sidhu.

Does it really help Daly to be endorsed by the guy who created Jeff Flint and Matt “Jubal” Cunningham?  Why would he seek out such an endorsement?  Didn’t Lewis, Flint and Cunningham all back Prop. 8?  How is that association going to help Daly?  Yuck!

And isn’t Lewis going to P.O. his party by not backing Nelson?  I don’t think anyone cares about Sidhu, but Nelson is a darling of the OC GOP.  And none other than State Senator Lou Correa endorsed Nelson’s latest bid for the Fullerton City Council.  Does that mean Correa won’t be backing Daly?  Or that he might back Nelson?

And why aren’t any Democrats trying to field a Latino candidate for a district that is majority Latino?  In a contest between Daly, Nelson, and Sidhu, a Latino might actually be able to get into a run-off election.

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