The Argument for a Nano-Turbo-Turbine Car

Huell Howser recently created a California Gold program from the Nethercutt Museum ( regarding Steam driven unique powerplant vehicles.  We encourage all to get a copy of his program and understand that the gasoline powered vehicle has never been our only option for transportation.

Fast forward to today.  Crude Oil closed at about $40 dollars a barrel.  The chances are, due to the current condition of the economy, that the price may be going even lower.  But that price of course is transitory at best.  With the rise of the world economies of China, India and even Africa….demand is not going away.  Energy Independence for all countries has become a major concern.  T. Boone Pickens, Fred Smith of FEDEX and the Energy Security Leadership Council are searching for ways for America to become “Energy Independent”.

The obvious answer is: Economy.  By reducing the amount of crude oil that the United States ingests every day to a third of what we presently use would guarantee that the United States could in fact create enough fossil fuel to never import another drop of foreign oil….if, we could develop vehicles with much better fuel economy.  Hence forth;  The development of a new power plant for cars, trucks and aircraft.  Hence, a demand for “The Nano-Turbo-Turbine Engine”.  This Engine which could be created within a year, would be the size of a average suitcase, develop 300 Horse Power to the rear wheels of a 3000 pound car and get 150 Miles Per Gallon of 87 octane or less gasoline.

The “Nano-Turbo-Turbine Engine” could be developed to be 100 percent non polluting.  The “Nano-Turbo-Turbine Engine” could change the world overnight.  By making this Engine the standard for all vehicles……the old technology could be phased out over several years.  All the developing countries of the world could utilize this engine and be totally non-polluting.

Why has this power plant not been developed up to now?  Greed.  Making performance vehicles at moderate cost….would not be in the best interest of Auto Manufacturers.  They would not have to keep selling new cars every year.  They would not have to market new products.  They would eventually create enough of these vehicles…..that wouldn’t wear out or need constant service and upkeep.  These power plants could actually repair themselves.

This is not science fiction….it is purely a lack of will by politicians, by oil barons and by automobile manufacturers and all their suppliers.  The truth of the matter is:  We cannot have it both ways!  Do we want to be Energy Sufficient or not?  Do we want to not pollute our environment or not?  We will not go into the various arguments regarding battery powered cars or their long term environmental impact.  The “Nano-Turbo-Turbine Engine” will not impact our environment negatively.  We will not need to do anything but rebuild this power plant every five to ten years.  We need to develop new technology, perhaps even technology that has been overlooked.  The main issue is to create a performance power plant that does not pollute our environment.  Can we do it?  Of course, if we wanted to.

Andy Granitelli created the STP Special in 1971-72, driven by Sam Posey at the Indianapolis 500They led the race both times, without loud engine noise, with fuel mileage three times that of the conventional engines they raced against…..and only failed to win both races within 5 laps of the finish, due to a $3 dollar valve that broke.  That was just a simple Turbine Engine!

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